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Barc conducted certificate courses of Reiki,Dowsing astrology,Mantra Healing, Micro Mantra healing ,03rd eye activation, Beauty mantra, Astrology Kundli Basics,Vastu Rectifications.


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Dowsing Astrology

No need of Horoscope! No need of Palmistry or any Other Theory. We are able to give you complete x-ray of your questions even they are related to Disease,Business, Job,Education,Marriage,Property .Certiifed courses available Since 1998.our isth dev is Lord Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir ji.


Paranormal Service

Certified courses by BARC, Bhopal - www.jewelsastro.com ,call-7389897140 * Mantra Healing *Micro Mantra Healing *Beauty Mantra *Relationship Mantra *Good Health Mantra *Dowsing Astrology *Basic of Kundli astrology *Gemstones & Rudraksha information *Reiki Practice *Vastu Rectification *3rd eye activation commercial courses also available with commercial supports ! all course are certified ! life time practical support !


Motivational Services

We Are Not Using Any Type Of Instruments Or Machines. Our 15 Years Experience With Lot s Of Cases.


Reiki Power

Reiki Means positive healthy powers with Indian spirituality & guru kripa. Along with giving reiki we also conduct courses.


Vastu Rectification

In the universe every thing is constructed by the five elements – Earth, water, fire, air and space.


Kundli and Number's

A birth chart (also known as kundli) captures the precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at the individual's birth moment.


Unique HEALING Zone

Who has introduced MANTRA HEALINGin a batter way in this world? Who has introduced DOWSING ASTROLOGYin a perfect way in the world? Who has introduced MANTRA HEALINGfor the first time in in this world? Who has introduced DOWSING ASTROfor the first time in in this world? Who has introduced MAIN AUR MERE PARBHU. Who has introduced .


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SANJAY Lodha Jain


The art of Brewing Perfect HEALING

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At First I Started Taking Guruji's Humble Healing and Dowsing Astrology Services for My Professional life.. After That My Life got so Empowered that, I Started Learning this Spiritual art From Him and Now am His True Disciple.


I Use Rudraksha and Shankh
Very satisfied with the Products


The Positive Reinforcement Provided By BARC Has Been a Game Changer in my life. It Acted like a Catalyst & Made Every Difficult Task Easily Successful. Further I am Looking Forward to Explore The Cosmos With Sanjay Sir Selfless Support & Blessings !


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